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Celebrate Earth Day in Dardha

Destination Management Organization, Korca, Albania

At the Tourist Info Center, the Destination Management Organization staff provide comprehensive and friendly information about traveling in and visiting the Korce region, including Pogradec and Lake Ohrid.

Their multilingual staff are able to provide tour and accommodation booking services and can also assist in arranging diverse trips and provide with visit suggestions.

They are very useful resource when visiting the churches in the area, because many are locked and only a local from the village has the key. Usually a representative from the DMO reach them via mobile.

The Destination Management Organization also provides comprehensive feasibility study and business planning services to a wide range of clients, including state agencies, local government, hoteliers, community groups, commercial organizations and individuals.

Seasons Open: All year
Hours Open: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00; Sunday closed

Korça, Bazaar of the Serenades

Korça is an Albanian town on the borders of Albania, Greece and Macedonia. It is known for its bazaar which unfortunately is now in a semi-abandonned state.

This article continues our in-depth analysis of markets with Ottoman origins in the Balkans

History books describe it as one of the most beautiful çarshijas * in the Balkans. In the collective memory of older Albanians it has remained the old Pazar or, more romantically, the Bazaar of the Serenades.

Korçë - The Paris of Albania

The historical town of Korçë (pronounced Core-cha) has a well-preserved historical center with cobblestone streets and many surviving villas that were built in the early 20th century. From 1916 - 1920, the town was under French control and eventually it was declared an autonomous region with French support.

The continental influence resulted in the construction of neoclassical villas, two famous cinemas and a tradition of photography and art appreciation. Korçë was known at one point as the "Paris of Albania".

Upcoming Activities

The Park s Sculpture - Korca 2011

Korça is the city where the tradition of incorporating works of art finds its best. For the first time, Korca hosts national and international sculptors alike. During the years of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 the Municipality of Korça has welcomed 32 sculptors for the International Park’s Sculpture Symposium, which has given our city 32 contemporary works of art in stone.
The green areas of the city, especially focusing on Park “Rinia”, are where these works of modern art are visible for citizens and foreign visitors. 
From 6 to 16 July, 2011, the city of Korça has organized the 4th  International edition “Park’s Sculpture- Korça 2011” .
Artists from around the world— including Turkey, Rumania, Portugaly, France, Spain and New Zealand— have two weeks to complete their works in nature, in the Park "Rinia". Sculptors participating in the projects are selected in advance by an international jury in the competition announced by Electronic City Hall. There were 80 competing projects of which only 8 were selected.

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