Pogradec Erseka Korca Devoll
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Korca Biking

Unique in the region and in the world,Korca is without doubt one of the best destinations in Albania.This city is located in the southeast of the country,at the foot of Mount Morava on a rich,fertile plain at an elevation of 825 meters above sea level.

Korca is blessed with a rich topography - mountains,hills and the plain they encircle.The south is defined by Gramoz and Kolonja and on the west we have Vithkuq,Voskopoja,Opar and Gora.The north is characterized by the refreshing air off of Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa.

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to see Korca.You can pass through mountain peaks,valleys,forests,rivers and hidden streams that are waiting for you to be discovered.You can stop by quiant villages where you may give in the temptation of trying some local specialities of wine and mulberry raki while you satisfy your hunger with the best local cuisine that the region is famous for.