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Get to Know Korça

Korca MapKorça is known as the "cradle of Albanian culture" and is the largest city within the region. Historical documents refrencing the city date from the early medieval period - the first half of the XVth century - when Korça province was the property of Muzakajt, one of the feudal families of that time.

The city has served as a very important trading market. Throughout the centuries Albanian caravans began their travels from here to Turkey, Greece, and Russia.

In the second half of the 19th century, the city rose to be a very important economic, trade and cultural centre. Korça city today remains the most important economic and cultural center in the region. It exhibits eastern characteristics,along with traces of French influence in its urban scheme and grand architectural planning.

There are several types of transports which lead you from Thessaloniki to Korca.
Taking the bus that makes the trip to Florina and then to Korca is the cheapest and the most used one by people.Two other bus stations are the ones passing from the Mecedonian border usually from Ohrid but also from Bitola.There are two more stations:the one from Ioannina and the one from Gjirokastra but take more than one day.Taking the morning bus which passes through Florina takes only one day.For a quicker and more comfortable trip you can take a taxi which will lead you to Korca in 2 hours and a half.
For more information you can contact Info Center Korca.

Here are all the available timetables:
Thessaloniki-Korca (from Florina): 9:15/20:15/21:30
Thessaloniki-Korca (from Ohrid): 9:00/20:00/21:00

There is no direct station from Ohrid to Korca but some buses make their stations from Ohrid to Shen Naum.Taking the bus outside “Tina Tours” will leave you at Shen Naum and after that you have to walk about one km to pass the border.The best option is to order a taxi from Shen Naum to Pogradec which has a distance of 3 km.Then you can take another bus in Pogradec which in the summer season leaves every one hour.A taxi from Ohrid to border will cost you 20 Euros and a taxi from Ohrid to Korca which is the best option will cost you about 50 Euros (Bel Mercedes Taxi Service).
For more information you can contact Info Center Korca.

The trip Tirana-Korca has a variety of transports including buses,minibuses,vans and different cars such as taxis or illegal taxis.The most used are buses and minibuses which will cost you 500 lek.A normal car will cost 1000 lek per person.It is the fastest way to Korca (about 2 hours and a half).Taking a van which has place for 8 persons is also another choice.You can find vans almost everytime.
For more information you can contact Info Center Korca.

Here are all the available timetables for Tirana-Korca Bus Stations:
6:00/7:30/8:30/9:30/10:30 (Startpoint at Qemal Stafa Stadium)               
11:00/12:00/13:00/14:00/15:00/16:00 (Startpoint at Qytet Studenti)